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Founded in 1991, STI has been supplying cutting tool products for over 2 decades. As a family owned and operated business for long time we have experience and high skills in manufacturing in the highest quality circular cutting tools and supplying these products to the global marketplace. Our prime object is to satisfy our customer’s demands keeping into mind the quality and cost competitiveness. With our experience and commitment to satisfy specific customer needs, the company has grown with a distinct reputation for consistency in quality and client service, before and after sales. Market trends calls for new developments keeping in view the latest innovations in tool technologies and demand from growing customers.

We manufacture a vast range of cutting tools like slitting saws, side and face cutters, cylindrical cutter, angle cutter, convex and concave cutter, end mills, reamer, gear cutting tools, SPL form milling cutters and tools, tool bits etc.

We manufacture the tools from finest steel and in different standards. We have our good network of dealers in India and have ample satisfied direct end users. We deliver only superior quality and our supremacy is its testimony. The prices of our milling cutters are quite competitive; further alluring customers from all over the world. This defines the logic of our position amongst the industry’s prominent exporters.

STI has always invested (and will continue to invest) in precision equipment necessary to meet our customers’ most demanding tolerance requests. Thus, companies, who need high quality cutting tools supplied on a consistent basis, turn to STI for their cutting needs. We manufacture custom saws and cutters that meet the most demanding needs… the same saws and cutters other manufacturers say “can’t be done”.

We are committed to providing quality serviced and product. We believe that a reputation as an honest and reliable business is the recipe for success. While others seek to profit the cutting corners, reducing quality or recommending unnecessary services to customers, STI believes that a good reputation and consistent services will yield bigger long term profits.